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0508 – Task 2 – Internet

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    The internet has transformed the way information is shared and
    consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before. What
    are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what
    solutions can you suggest?

    Since the internet was invented, it has changed the way people share
    and consume information in many aspects. This issue is blamed to cause many
    detrimental problems for society and appropriate solutions must be taken to
    deal with them.

    Internet development is the main reason for many unprecedented
    problems with information. First of all, personal information of net users
    is threatened. Hackers have the capacity to leak important information of a
    person on the internet and somewhat cyberbully his mental health and
    intrude his life. Additionally, the quality of information published on the
    internet is the second to be considered among the problems. Net users have
    their own rights to post information on the internet and no one can
    guarantee whether that information is correct or not. Thirdly, copyrights
    infringement is also a controversial problem which may affect many people.
    Intelligence is a precious possession of every person that must be
    respected and protected. Nevertheless, some rude people use the internet to
    release the content of a copyright book or movie without the agreement of
    the author.

    To prevent the problems, suitable steps must be done. To protect
    citizens from cyberbullying and private intrusion, government must
    established laws in internet security. On the other hand, social websites
    like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is responsible to set up security
    policies to make sure their users’ information will not be at risk.
    Secondly, net users should consider carefully before absorb any online
    information. People must find reputable and reliable source of information
    to reference. Finally, author rights must receive more attention and
    respect from global communities. Government must have policies to raise
    awareness of information consumers and furthermore, reinforce law system to
    punish people who attempt to intrude copyrights.

    Our society has to encounter numerous problems caused by the internet;
    consequently, government and net users is responsible to join hand in
    reducing those problems.

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