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0508 – Task 2 – Unemployed

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    In many countries, more and more young people are leaving school and unable
    to find jobs after graduation. What problems do you think youth
    unemployment will cause to the individual and the society? What measures
    can be taken to address this problem?

    Nowadays, there are more and more graduated students who are unable to
    have occupation. This issue leads to many controversial problems for the
    unemployed and global communities, therefore appropriate solutions must be
    taken to tackle these problems.

    The rise in the unemployed rate is the main reason of the variety of
    social problems and individual concerns. First of all, unemployment causes
    financial burden. The unemployed are unable to buy necessary stuff, pay
    their bills and rent because of their lack of money. As a result, they are
    likely to lose their house properties and living. Secondly, the unemployed
    play the significant role in the increase of criminal rates, alcoholism,
    drug abuse and domestic violence. Thirdly, individuals’ mental health may
    be psychologically affected if they can not afford a job after graduated.
    Youngsters seem to lose their self-confidence which may lead to disastrous
    result such as depression or suicide.

    In order to deal with this adverse problem, suitable solutions must
    be taken. Firstly, universities and colleges should launch centers to
    support graduated children in seeking jobs. On the other hand, students
    must prepare practical knowledge to meet employers’ demand. Secondly,
    enterprises must present their social duties through recruitment policies
    which support young job seekers by providing them with more opportunities.
    Finally, parents and family need to pay more attention to their unemployed
    children and encourage their optimistic mindset to prevent them from doing
    bad things.

    In conclusion, youth unemployment is the origin of numerous
    individual and social problems, therefore government, universities and
    families must join hand in dealing with these problems.

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