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071217_B_Mix_money per week

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    The bar chart gives information about how much money was allocated for fast foods by three groups in the United Kingdom every week with the graph indicating the spending of per person on various types of foods from 1970 to 1990.
    Overall, almost people from all categories spent their money on hamburger, fish and chips with the highest expenditure belonging to hamburger of the wealth group. In addition, while the outlay of pizza witnessed a slight decrease over the researched period, the remaining groups had a same tendency of increasing with varying degrees.
    It is clear from the chart, there were the same in shares of hamburger and pizza in three categories. Particularly, the highest expenditure was accounted by high income group with about 43 million pounds for hamburger and just below 20 million for pizza. Furthermore, the amount of money which people having low income spent on hamburger was only under 15 million, compared to slightly over 5 million of pizza.
    With regard to the trends of consumption, the amount of money which was paid for pizza by per person experienced a modest drop from over 300 pence in 1970 to around 210 pence in 1990. By contrast, the reverse trends were true for the remaining kinds of foods with more significant climb belonging to hamburger, reaching approximately 500 pence, followed by fish and chips with about 280 pence in 1990.

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    Please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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    the sample is too long.264/150

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    That’s right, and that’s also the reason why you should be critical when learning from any sample answer. Some has good vocabularies and phrases, but poor data analyses, and vice versa.

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