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080718 Task1 2PieCharts EnergyAustralians

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    The first chart below shows how energy is used in an average Australian household. The second chart shows the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions which result from this energy use.
    Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where


    The first pie chart illustrates the percentage of energy used for 6 different purposes, and the second pie chart provides the proportion of the greenhouse gas emitted by each type of usage. Both diagrams are of Australian residents.
    Overall, what can be seen from the two charts is that heating and water heating take up the most amount of energy consumption, and also account for the highest proportion of greenhouse gas released.
    As for power usage, Australians spend 42% of total amount of energy used on heating, which is the highest figure of all. Water heating followed with the percentage of 30%. While 15% of power is consumed on other appliances, the percentages of power used for refrigeration, lighting and cooling are all under 10%, at 7%, 4$ and 2% respectively.
    In terms of the rate of greenhouse gas discharged, 47% of the total emission comes from heating and water heating, compared to 28% released by other appliances. The figures for refrigeration is 14%, followed by lighting, at 8%, and cooling, at 3%.

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