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110718 T1 2Tables CoffeeBananas

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    The tables below give information about sales of Fairtrade*-labelled coffee and bananas in 1999 and 2004 in five European countries.


    The two charts provide data about the revenue earned from selling fairtrade-labelled coffee and bananas in 5 European nations, between 1999 and 2004.
    Overall, it is clear that the sale of coffee increased in all countries, while bananas’ sale experienced a decrease in 2 among 5 countries. Another interesting point is that UK and Switzerland became the largest markets for selling these two items.
    As for coffee’s sale, the number of UK in 1999 was 1.5 millions of euros, it then soared by more than 10 times to reach 20 million in 2004. Likewise, Switzerland’s figure also saw a dramatic increase, doubling from 3 to 6 million. Denmark, Belgium and Sweden, on the other hand, had only a slight rise in the sale of coffee. The figures for those 3 nations were 2, 1.7 and 1 million respectively.
    As mentioned, Switzerland and UK were dominant as the most consumed markets for bananas. The sale in Switzerland rocketed from 15 to 47 million over the span of time. In addition, UK residents spent 4.5 million more on purchasing bananas. By contrast, Sweden and Denmark had their bananas sale decrease. The figure for Sweden was 1 million, and for Denmark, was 0.9 million by 2004.

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