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    The table below shows the numbers of visitors to Ashdown Museum during the year before and the year after it was refurbished. The charts show the result of surveys asking visitors how satisfied they were with their visit, during the same two periods.


    The table illustrates how many tourists visit Ashdown museum. The two pie charts provide data about levels of satisfaction of visitors. All diagrams refer to the same period, between the year before and the year after the refurbishment.
    Overall, what stands out from the table is the increase in number of tourists after the amendment. It is also interesting to see from the charts that feedback of visitors had switched to a higher level of satisfaction over the span of time.
    There were 74000 visits to Ashdown museum before the refurbishment. The figure then increased dramatically, soaring to reach 92000 visits a year after the repairs.
    In terms of visitor satisfaction, 15% of people surveyed were very satisfied with their visit before the museum refurbished, compared to 40% of those having a dissatisfying experience. After being repaired, the museum received 35% of “very satisfied” feedback from visitors, a rise of 20%. The proportion of people who felt dissatisfied also reduced to only 15% by this time. Another notable point was the decrease in the proportion of “very dissatisfied” group, with the figure after the amendment halving to 5%.

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