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    Many people believe that scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

    It is true that the question of who takes the responsibility for scientific research remains the source of controversy. Personally, I would believe that private enterprises should conduct intensive studies into this region under close observation of authorities.
    On the one hand, private companies should be entitled to scientific research based on three main justifications. Firstly, budget allocation of governments has a variety of priorities such as health or education system, which means authorities cannot fully concentrate on the scientific aspect only and produce effective research results. Secondly, there will be a competitive race among companies to come up with new inventions if they are given the right to conduct these activities. In order to gain a competitive edge over their opponents, companies can attract much higher sources of sponsorship to compete than when being dominated by governments; therefore, the productivity can be much higher than before. Finally, scientist who used to get usually low payment when working for authorities can choose among higher salary offers from different companies, which definitely raises job satisfaction among these members of the societies.
    On the other hand, authorities would benefit when keeping scientific activities under control due to two explanations. Firstly, the national budget will be under less pressure and consequently result in a higher level of investment in other areas such as military or child care. Secondly, due to the productivity of private enterprises when doing researches, governments should only keep these activities under close observation for the purpose of public morals. In detail, some scientific studies conducted by private companies might generate ethical concerns such as human cloning or harmful genetically modified food crops. If these results are not supervised, our world will encounter as serious problems as those arising nowadays.
    In conclusion, while others argue that governments should take full responsibility with regard to scientific research, I am convinced that authorities should entitle private companies to this area and only need to keep them under control.

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