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    People living in large cities today face many problems in their everyday life. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller regional towns?
    According to many statics, both physical and mental stages of people living in large cities are being damaged by problems happening everyday due to the fast city lifestyles. Some suggest that the government should solve this phenomenon by encouraging people to move to rural areas or smaller towns. Although this is quite a good solution, I believe it still has disadvantages.
    In modern societies, increasing competitiveness affects not only adults but also students. Score, for example, now has an important position in the appreciation of school enrollment boards, employers and even people around students. The suicide rate of teenagers in developing countries, especially Asian ones have alarmingly grown up recently. Besides, people also have to work under stresses of losing their job whenever they work ineffectively. In the age of market economy, people are supposed to work as much efficiently as possible in order to survive.
    One of solutions for this problems is encouraging people to live in smaller regional towns. On one hand, it is a potential idea as people can both have a peaceful life and join in the development of the rural areas. Young people should be supported to move to those towns and use their creative faculties to develop the agriculture in particular and the areas in general. However, the government must have difficulties to materialize that solution as life which is lack of technological devices and modern facilities such as hospitals, schools, job fields, etc is unattractive to people, especially the young ones.
    In conclusion, people living in large cities are now facing up with too much pressure and stresses that one of the solutions is to encourage them to move to smaller regional towns. While this is a good idea, time is needed to verify its effect on improving people’s life.

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