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    24. The chart below shows global sales of the top five mobile phone brands
    between 2009 and 2013.


    The given bar chart illustrates global sales of the five most famous kinds
    of mobile phones such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG and ZTE from 2009 to

    Overall, Nokia and Samsung were the favorite brands of many people while
    the rate of customers choosing the remaining brands was significantly
    lower. Besides, the world sale of Samsung, ZTA and Apple showed an upward
    trend while that of Nokia and LG followed an opposite trend during the same

    It is noticeable that standing at approximately 250 units in 2009, the
    global sales of Samsung then experienced a gradual increase to closely 350
    units before reaching a peak at about 450 units in 2013. Similarly, there
    was a considerable growth from below 50 units in 2009 to approximately 150
    units in 2013 in the number of Apple mobile sold. Besides, the sales of ZTE
    brand showed a slight increase thorough the period recorded.

    By contrast, the biggest decrease was seen in the sales of Nokia, from
    nearly 450 in 2009 to about 250 in 2013. In addition, the number of LG
    mobiles sold dropped gradually during the same time.

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