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    The given line graph illustrates the electricity production from some kinds
    of resources such as thermal, nuclear power, hydroelectric and renewable
    energy in France between 1980 and 2012. The produced electricity was
    measured in terawatt hours.

    Overall, while the generated electricity from nuclear energy and renewable
    power followed an upward trend, the others witnessed some fluctuations
    during the period shown.

    It is noticeable that nuclear power was the most popular energy to produce
    electricity. Standing at over 50 in 1980, the produced electricity by
    nuclear then experienced an extraordinary increase to approximately 430 in
    2005 before showing a slight decrease to nearly 400 in 2010.

    By contrast, renewable power played a small percentage in terms of created
    electricity resource. Specifically, this source accounted for below 25
    through period recorded. Besides, although the generated electricity by
    thermal power ranked first in 1980, at about 120, it then showed a dramatic
    decline to 50 in the five following years and fluctuated around 50 from
    1985 to 2010. The number for hydroelectricity was similar as the number for
    thermal in the same time.

    Câu em gạch chân, ý là: năng lượng tái tạo đóng vài trò rất nhỏ trong việc
    tạo ra nguồn điện. Viết như em đúng chưa ạ.

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