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    18. Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport.
    Why is it not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity?

    Although cycling is a better form of transport to environment than others,
    many people often prefer using some different forms such as motorbikes,
    cars and planes. Although there are some causes relating to this trend,
    some possible solutions can be used to tackle it.

    In term of the causes of the less popularity of cycling, there are many
    problems leading to this. First and foremost, nobody can deny that the
    speed of cycling is extremely slower than that of cars and motorbikes as
    well as planes so many cyclers certainly spend a lot of time travelling.
    Secondly, users definitely lose more energy and feel fairly hot during
    cycling a bike while the use of many different forms of transports can
    bring more comfortable and convenient. Last but not least, while car,
    motorbike, plane can move a long distance, cycling get a short travel.

    However, there are some proper solutions of stimulating using bike. The
    health experts should give some good advices to encourage citizens ride
    bikes to improve their health. Besides, the government need educate people
    about the disadvantage impact of using motorbike and car on the global
    environment such as the carbon dioxide emission in the future to broaden
    their horizons. More importantly, the bike producers need to improve the
    quality of bikes to bring more convenience as comfort for users.

    From what has been discussed above, one can reach a conclusion that
    although there are causes of declining of using cycling, some possible
    measures can be applied to stimulate citizens use cycling every day.

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