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    21. Anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at
    any time or 7 days a week. Does this development have more positive or
    negative effects on both individuals and society?

    Em làm bài này theo dạng discuss both view, có đúng không ạ??? Nếu không
    phải là dạng discuss both view, anh chị chịu khó sắp xếp lại các ý của em
    theo dạng bài ĐÚNG của nó nha, em cảm ơn nhiều.
    Anh chị gửi cho em một bài mẫu nha, em cảm ơn ạ.

    Nowadays, there is a tendency that many people often answer the work and
    make an individual phone call at any time by a smartphone. While many
    citizens think that the use of mobile phone in jobs or personal life has
    more disadvantages, I believe that it has more positive than negative
    effects on each person as well as community.

    On the one hand, it is understandable why people claim that the appliance
    of mobile phone in work as well as personal life have some drawbacks. In
    fact, the availability of this smart technological device certainly leads
    to the downfall of real interaction. For instance, many people can keep in
    touch with their friends and relatively everywhere and every time by making
    a phone call instead of having some face-to-face meetings. Besides, users
    often misuse a smart phone to resolve their projects while they have a
    relaxing or even sleeping. Therefore, this situation would degrade the
    standard living of many people.

    On the other hand, I believe that a mobile phone definitely make a profound
    impact on individual and society. Needless to say, the appearance of mobile
    phone anytime and anywhere undoubtedly helps many citizens to immediately
    complete their jobs while there is an absence of them in their offices.
    Hence, this gadget makes a good contribution to improve productivity and
    expand their business networks. More importantly, a mobile phone has become
    an essential part of the world when it becomes a useful tool to help users
    to easily make some connections without spending a lot of money travelling
    a long trip.

    From what has been discussed above, one can reach a conclusion that
    although the availability of mobile phone forms some drawbacks, I think
    that it have more advantage than disadvantage for each person and the

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    Kindly check!

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    cho em hỏi là bài này có phải là discuss both views không ạ, em hỏi mà không thấy anh chị trả lời. em cảm ơn

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