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    22. The range and quality of food have been improved with the development
    of technology and scientific advance. Some people think it is good and
    others think it is harmful. Discuss two sides and give your own opinion.

    Chữ LỢI DỤNG mà động từ, thì là từ gì các anh chị nhỉ, em search rồi mà tìm
    không thấy.
    Dùng chữ gì thay thế cho quality ạ.

    Trong chỗ dấu đỏ là: tồn tại được lâu, thì nói thế nào ạ.
    Anh chị gửi cho em một bài mẫu nha, em cảm ơn ạ.

    The development of technology and science leads to increasing the range and
    quality of food. While many people think that the impact of technological
    and scientific advances on food is good, I believe that it has both
    positive and negative influences.

    On the one hand, it is understandable why many people think that technology
    and science make some considerable contributions to improving the diversity
    and quality of food. Needless to say, the greatest breakthroughs in
    technology and science undoubtedly help farmers and producers to create a
    lot of new kinds of trees to provide some new products for consumers.
    Besides, scientists have spent a lot of time researching to find and apply
    some useful measures to increase the quality of tree. Taking rice as a
    typical example, the development in technology helps farmers have some new
    kinds of rice which can cope with many insect infestations and have better

    On the other hand, I also believe think that the progress in technology and
    science is one of a major reason leading to the degradation of food. In
    fact, many citizens exploit these advances to form some food which are eye-
    catching but extremely dangerous. Therefore, many people are likely to
    suspect the quality of food. For example, many farmers spray a lot of
    hazardous pesticides and preservatives to protect and prompt tree to grow
    fastest and…………..

    From what has been discussed above, one can reach a conclusion that the
    improvement in technology and science can form both advantage as well as
    disadvantage for food in terms of the diversity and quality.

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    [5/10/2018, 6:55:44 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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