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    Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them
    and replace them with modern buildings? Use specific reasons and examples
    to support your opinion.

    The question of whether old and historic constructions should be maintained
    or not remains a source of controversy. From my perspective, the point of
    view has both negative and positive effects.

    On the one hand, some individuals incline to protect those heritages for
    some reasons. Firstly, it is undoubted that ancient buildings contains a
    great deal of useful information what happens in the past, which contribute
    to educate local and international persons. Especially, instead of studying
    boring things on the textbook, nowadays, teachers bring their students to
    historic ones so as to explore it, those objects and buildings will trigger
    students to learn history more. Secondly, maintaining old contructions is
    likely to have benefits to the national economy. This is because tourists
    have to pay money for tickets, which results in an increase of country’s
    GDP index.

    On the other hand, apart from benefits of keeping old buildings, there are
    two main reasons meationed below to advocate for destroying heritages.
    Firstly, some old buildings provide a little value of information, thus
    after analizing between economic and cost, the old buiding will be
    destroyed to bring beneficial to the economy. Secondly, if a nation
    determine on maitaining all its historic buildings, it would be impossible.
    This is because the amount of money spent on restoring will become a burden
    to the nation budget, especially in developing countries.

    In conclusion, it seems to me that the statement has both advantages and

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    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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      c ơi besides those benefits mentioned above. c sửa cho t thành beside nhưng beside là bên cạnh ví dụ there is one boy beside me.
      CÒn besides là ngoài ra mà c. c check lại giùm mình với

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        Thank you for the reply. However, I checked the corrected version again and you didn’t use any ‘beside’ or ‘besides’ in the original essay, and thus I didn’t make any correction like you mentioned? Which part are you referencing to here? Please be more specific.

        Thank you.

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