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    In the contemporary world, such increasing investment of nations for space exploration has become a publicity recognized phenomenon. Although this has some downsides, the returns of it are highly justifiable.

    On the one hand, space discoveries, have resulted in leading some disadvantages for countries where the money for this is spent on. In fact, there is a huge financial nation for manufacturing space shuttles on training for astronauts, suggesting a national deficit for other necessary purposes including education, health, the economic or other fields. If half of that investment is transferred to Sustainable Agriculture, we may no longer care about an urgent issue as food safety as it has been in recent decades. What’s more, space programs, in some cases, can cause unintentional accidents, resulting in revealing some threats for both human and the environment. Evidence of this can be seen with space missions, rockets or space shuttles, occasionally, can be broken accidentally, that puts the travellers at the risk of death, and disposal of its debris can cause universal pollution. Also, even if unmanned space shuttles are provided more, which aims to reduce human involvement, stills quite dangerous as accidents can happen anytime.

    On the other hand, that space exploration, stills has a vital role to play. This sector, actually, has contributed considerably to the state-of-the-art technology developing. A clear illustration of this is some space projects recently allow us to please our visual with satellite televisions. Thank that way, we have been watched football matches where and when we like, not just at home. Moreover, this is also beneficial when it may help the public tackle a future issue. As can be seen, the global has become more and more polluted and crowded, so by exploring some locating habitable lands outside the planet, can rise a hope of future living with a better environment for our next generations.

    In brief, there are several disadvantages of space exploration; it is not to say that has no redeeming features.

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    xin loi, ban cu chua dum minh nhe, minh creat nham cai ten topic thoi. Cam on ban

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