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    Topic: If a product is good and can meet people’s needs, people will buy it. Advertising in the media is no more than a form of entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?
    Perhaps no subject in the contemporary is as controversial as the matter of advertising. While I accept with the opinion that if the product can satisfy the requirements from customers they would purchase it, I do agree that advertising may help to bring the image of the product come closer to the customers.
    It is true that the quality of the product is one of the most important reason why people make a purchase. Firstly, when come to essential products such as tissue, drinks or food, customers care about the quality and origin of that products much more than well-advertised brands. Secondly, customers tend to buy the product that are habitual to them and easy to approach. For example, at the same thing, customers tend to buy products that can be purchased in every store rather than well-advertised products that only sale in unique store. As a result, advertisement is no more than a form of entertainment.
    Having said that, however, advertisement is also one of the way to bring attention form customers. Many scientists have claimed that if an image of the product is repeated many times on TV, customers would find themselves in familiar with that and would buy it to try whenever they see them in the market. Furthermore, advertisements, nowadays, are made to be fun and unique so that they can bring to the company a good view from customers. For example, if the advertisement about a product related to children is made in funny cartoon characters, children can find it interesting that they can ask parents to buy for them. As a result, advertisement can help to raise the sales of the product.
    In conclusion, I believe that advertising can help company as long as they can control the content in their advertisement.

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