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Advertising by sponsoring sports

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    People have different views on whether companies should advertise by
    sponsoring sport. While some argue this would be effective, I believe that
    it is not an ideal way to promote a business.

    On the one hand, sport marketing can be a natural and friendly way for
    businesses to approach their potential customers. As audience notice brands
    promoted by their favourtite sport teams, it would be easier for them to
    have emotional attachments to the businesses and potentially become as
    loyal to the brands as to the clubs. Besides, brand names presented around
    the pitches or on the clubs’ jerseys can indirectly penetrate into viewers’
    mind over a long period of time in a favourable way. In comparison,
    advertising by commercials popping up while viewers are surfing the web can
    possibly cause annoying feelings as they distracts people from the main
    content, this may lessen effects of the promotion.

    On the other hand, I believe that these benifits are outweighed by the
    drawbacks. Even though businesses can gain strong support from clubs’ loyal
    fans, many people argue that the majority of audiences seem to pay more
    attention to sport events rather than the advertised brands while they are
    watching sports. For example, the diary company Nutifood has long
    implemented the product placement strategy with the renowed football club
    Hoang Anh Gia Lai but gained little attention as they are still struggling
    to foster their sales. Another disadvantage to mention is that the outcome
    of a marketing campaign may arbitrarily depends on the performance of
    sponsored clubs. Companies may spend equivalent amounts of money to back
    two clubs in the final match; however, certainly the winner would be wider
    covered by the media compared to the lost one. As a result, businesses may
    not assure the accomplishment of a marketing campaign, regardless of how
    much money invested.

    In conclusion, it seems to me that it is not the optimal for companies to
    use sport as a way to advertise themselves.

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    [16:52:57, 13/5/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!

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