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    Due to development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local businesses are unable to compete. Some people think that the closer of the local businesses will bring out the death of local communities. To what extend do you disagree or agree?

    It is general opinion that the increase of supermarkets will destroy the local businesses and negatively impact to the local communities. I am not in favor with this statement. Let’s take a look at positive changes that supermarkets have brought to the locals.

    Firstly, the appearance of supermarkets brings out the opportunity to help customers get more quality products with high variety. Nowadays, we do not have to concern about the low qualities, counterfeits and also food safety. Supermarkets save customer’s time to shopping, do not required them to go over the places, which are far apart to each other, to buy items individually.

    Secondly, supermarkets have provided a challenge to the local shops and manufacturers to improve their products to meet the customer’s needs. Furthermore, they can expand the distribution channel to customers by becoming the suppliers of supermarkets. Thus, all of the local business and supermarkets can get more profits and bring more value to citizens

    Thirdly, supermarkets also contribute to the communities by paying tax to local government which leads to the improvement of local infrastructure. In addition, the act of paying value-added-tax becomes more transparent. Because running and managing supermarkets require big volume of manpower, hence, opens up a lot of job opportunities to citizens.

    Although, shopping habit of citizens will change drastically also make some small markets cannot compete which, as a results, cause damage to traditional businesses. In order to protect them, some cities have established conservation models such as: market, cultural festival, food, fruit festival…

    In conclusion, appearances of supermarkets have brought out positive and negative aspect to communities. But, I think we will receive more benefits than harms. It’s depend largely on locals ‘effort and management of government .

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