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    Phuong Chu Thi

    Do you think how important it is for people to want success in life? Is ambition a positive or negative characteristic?

    People are often encouraged to be ambitious when they are given career advice. From my own perspective, it is undoubtedly necessary and important for people to have this kind of desire but it may bring negative impact on their happiness.

    In my opinion, ambition is vitally crucial to lead mankind’s achievement for two reasons. Firstly, it takes years of efforts for people to become successful in their jobs, and so they need to be highly motivated and persistent with their goal. It is impossible to have such motivation and persistence without being ambitious. Secondly, ambition can make tremendous progress in many aspects. If individuals in all walks of life would like to live to make contribution to the country, the productivity will boost and economy will prosper consequently.

    Although ambition can be fairly positive from a professional perspective, it may be the opposite to people’s happiness. This is because paying too much attention to pursuit of achievements will obviously makes people disregard something else, like the family values, friendship and enjoying leisure time. If everyone in the society only focus on material wealth, the whole community will unfortunately be aggressive and selfish. Moreover, people set the ambitions unrealistically sometimes and undergo immense pressure for achieving those. Most of time, unrealistic expectations are not met and people fail to achieve the set targets.

    In conclusion, ambition can be an important factor of people’s success. At the same time, it may also a cause of unhappiness in life.

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