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Bar chart and pie chart

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    The charts below show the males and females arrested over 5 years and the reasons for the most recent arrests.



    The pie charts illustrate the comparison of arrested people between the genders from 1990 to 1994 while the bar chart depicts 7 different causes for those people’s recent faults.
    Overall, the proportion of males considerably outnumbered that of females. While public drinking was the most popular fault for both genders, the least percentages were in theft. In addition, there were 2 reasons in which the figures of women were higher than men.
    Regarding the proportion of arrested people, there was 32% of males in all males as opposed to only 9% of females over the 5-year period.
    While about 38% of women arrested by public drinking, only 31% of men had this fault. In assault, the gender gap was lower, at around 19% of women and 16% of another.
    By contrast, drink driving accounted for 26% of faults offended by males which nearly doubled than females. In terms of breach of order and theft, men had percentages by roughly 18% and 16% respectively which were higher by 5% than women. More equally proportion was experienced in other reason (18% vs 17%) while 4% of males did not answer compared to 7% of females.

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