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    When designing a building, the most important factor is its intended uses rather than the outward appearance. To what extend do you agree or disagree
    Some people argue that when constructing a building, the design which is appropriate to its purpose is a more important criterion than its beautiful appearance. In my point of view, however, these two factors share an equal importance
    It is undeniable that the design of a building has to be completely suitable to its intended use. In other words, different types of buildings aim at specific customers and the activities involved are also unique and distinctive. Therefore, it would bring numerous difficulties and inconvenience for people if the design does not fit their daily routine. For example, a hotel building has to constructed with a beautiful lobby and various entertainment to attract tourists who is enjoying their holiday. By contrast, an apartment block does not require such lobby, but it must provide more living space and green areas because the residents intend to stay there for a long period.
    Nevertheless, I strongly believe that it is impossible the undervalue the importance of the building appearance. First of all, the magnificent appearance is the best way the reflect the luxury of the building and the wealth of residents living there. Such outlook is one of the most vital reasons attracted to their target customers. For example, with similar price, visitors often choose the hotel which has more attractive outlook. Second, the appearance of the place where we come to daily overwhelmingly affects to our mood and feeling, which is influential to our productivity as well as living standard
    In conclusion, it is quite difficult for me to decide whether the outlook or its use play a more important role in the design of a building, I believe that an excellent design must meet both criteria because of their same importance.

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