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Cam 8, test 1, task 2_Parents or schools are responsible to nurture children

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    Phan Thi Diem Phuc

    Cam 8, test 1, task 2:


    Whether families or schools play a major role in nurturing children to
    become good individuals of community is one of the most concerning matters
    in a variety of arguments, especially recently. This essay will have a
    close examination on both sides of this argument before reaching any firm

    On the one hand, it is believed that families are the most suitable
    environment for teaching children to become contributed figures of society.
    Much time for communication between children and their own parents could be
    the prime factor behind this notion. Such communication could be performed
    through family dinners, vacations, games and other kinds of family
    meetings. To take advantage of these golden occasions, parents encourage
    their children to share their thoughts, plans and even secrets regardless
    of their correctness. Based on those sharing, parents find some efficient
    ways to adjust them if they go against ethic and community’s benefit. For
    instance, the matter that a child shows his/ her unwillingness to support a
    disabled woman who lives next to his/ her door is incorrect and should be
    educated by their parents.

    On the other hand, there are some groups convinced that the responsibility
    of educating children to be good elements of society belongs to schools.
    With professional education methods, teachers could coach and orient their
    pupils how to think and act according to community’s needs. For example,
    rubbish littering should be taught that it is a damaged action for
    environment, thus children need to train themselves not to perform that. In
    addition, through extracurricular activities such as taking care of the
    elderly, the disadvantaged, schools motivate pupils to join their hands in
    supporting these people so that pupils could understand their surroundings.

    In conclusion, as my personal perspective, I do agree that the nurturing
    children to be beneficial members of society needs a cooperation between
    parents and teachers on a daily basis.

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    Well done! Keep up the good work.

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