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    Many parents complain that computer games have no value to their children’s study. On the contrary, those online games have produced a lot of negative effects on their mental and physical development. What is your opinion?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.
    One of the most common concerns in our modern education is that whether public libraries should be equipped with a range of books or people should pay more attractions to invest in modern technology like computer software or DVDs and videos. Although the first opinion is supported by many, I personally believe that providing high technology is essential.
    On the one hand, there are many convincing explanations to support why the traditional reading materials are supported. First and foremost, books are great source of knowledge and suitable for the budget students. To be more specific, the cost we have to pay for expenditure of books is not really prohibitively expensive. Therefore, we can buy it at ease. Another angle can be found in the fact that there is research conducted that reading books in traditional way will help brain functioning a lot. It assists readers to memorize the information as effective as possible.
    On the other hand, people with contrasting viewpoints maintain that with the born release of digital age, libraries will become more various with different type of readings. Initially, digital media can store a huge amount of information that much longer than traditional means. In more details, we can search for anything we need by search keywords and do not have to have to bother about protecting books from humid, fire or human damage. Secondly, with eye-catching videos and DVDs, the readers will find interesting in approaching new cognition than boring thick pages.
    To sum up, while books have ever played crucial role in daily life, I still hold a firm belief that new technology will soon become the best search engine as well as the efficient public library.

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    I’m sorry. I think I had a mistake about the above topic.
    It should be the attachment below. Sorry for my carelessness.

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    [6/14/2018, 10:28:55 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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