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countries and environmental solutions

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    Topic: Some people think that envinronmental problems should be solved on a global scale while others believe it is better to deal with them nationally.
    Discuss both side and give your opinion .
    Heated controversy has been arisen as to whether solution to deal with environment issue from each nation privately or the whole world combination would be more feasible .In spite of the tangible advantadge of co-operation between countries,my inclination would be for the individual resolution .
    On the one hand , worldwide cooperating is atrractive for several reasons.For instance,Nation union can provide more sensible options to tackle the envinronmental problem variously.To illustrate,extraordinary scientists from all over the world assemblage would settle the issue more easily .Moreover , by interacting with other countries ,there will be less burden with money resource and technology .Take developing countries into consideration , developed ones would be a big help for them when it comes to budget .
    On the other hand , dealing with environment nationally is beneficial in some ways .Irrefutably , different countries do not have the same climate and weather so it is complicated for the foreign nation to approach the issue of others .For example , canada- a freezing country would find it sophisticated to work out with the atmosphere when it comes to hot country like India .Furthermore , there are variety of culture of each countries , so some approach may not be suitable for another region .
    In conclusion , it seems evident that both cooperating and private solution of countries to tackle envinronmental problems have their own unique advantadge .

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