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    Research suggests that majority of criminals who are sent to a prison would commit crimes when set free, what do you think of this case? What can be done to solve this problem?
    Based on the social community research, it is found that most of the criminals, who have been released from prisons, have the tendency to commit crimes again. There are variety of possible for this, but steps can definitely be taken to tackle the problem.
    In my opinion, once a criminal get punishment, the social acceptance of that individual, after the jail term, is a remote possibility in many cultural settings. It is the truth that ex-prisoners have struggle to stand on their own feet because of be not welcomed by public. In particular, most of these people have difficulties in finding employments when they are back in communities. When employers see their track records, they would be straightly rejected since many employers have the perception that an ex-criminal is a negative person. As a consequence, many of these people have committed crimes again in order for them to survive.

    However, the repetition of crimes by punished criminals can certainly be improved. I believe that the change must start with good sense of community which could help prisoners successfully reintegrate back into their communities without reoffending, especially assistance from their neighborhood. Also, the government should offer an opportunity for those criminals to enrich their knowledge and widen horizons through various forms of training courses, such as computer skills, cooking skills and many others, in the prison, which guarantees not only their future careers but also their living standards. Moreover, government should subside those criminals financially until they find a new career, which will support their family and allow those criminals to concentrate on seeking for their job. This may attribute the ex-offender to get accustomed to the changed social circumstance and improve their social interaction with others.

    In conclusion, ex-criminal persons will continue to break the law repeatedly unless the government and the whole society join hands in solving these problems.

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