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Describe a sportsperson

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    Speaking 1:
    Task 1: Describe a sport person that you admire, you should say
    Who he/she is?
    What did she/ he do?
    What do you know about his/her life story? And explain how much you know about sports.
    I’m going to talk about sport person is David Beckham who is also my idol. However, I’m not sure to must sport fan but when I remind him, I could say without hesitation that my favorite soccer player, what make me so inspired by him have a good characters and flawless match, especially, he have muscle body so hot.
    As a matter of fact, David Beckham was a good leader when he was soccer player from 1995 to 2013 who was also a famous American figure skater. After he don’t continue career about football, he is still adored by the public thanks to nice appearance and personality, and he have one family so happier with Victoria Beckham who are also become kind of a celebrity who appeared in numerous advertisement campaign and magazine in the world.
    Actually, I can remember that David Beckham is most famous for his unforgettable problem when he was leader and joining in the World Cup 2002 with team Egypt. Team Egypt`s win-at-all-costs attitude caused his to seems to lose the opportunity for joining competition of Japan and Korea. This is a reason make him so confused, leading to him being disqualified from participating further. The incident received massive sports coverage. However, the luckily smile it didn’t barrier to make him give up causes was given tremendous emotional support from fans. Although not in the peak of condition and finally, he could do that achieved the ticket for competition of Japan and Korea with his team.
    Although I don’t know too much about sport but I still really admire David and all people love football. I know that when someone loves sport, especially football is very challenging when they are joining in competitions and have many tricks to reach win which can involves and high probability of injury.

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