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Describe your friend

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    Describe a friend

    I am going to describe my best friend, her name is A, she is a 17 years old girl with the dark hair, bright smile and friendly face.
    Let me tell you the way we met. You know, we are in the same class, at the first time I met her, I lived a deep impression on her because of her appearance. It seemed that she light up the room. So I stuck up a conversasion with her and I released that we have a lot in common like listening the same music , reading books and playing musical instrument.
    A is the humorous person, she makes people around her laugh all day, it is the reason why she can make friend with strangers easily.Moreover, she is so generous, she is willing to help the struggles in my class and make sure that nobody behind.
    3 years ago, I was under with the snow of workload, because I had to prepare for the exams, I felt so tressfull and nervous, she was the person who beside me and gave me the encouraging words, she told me that : only when you are healthy, can you work productively, so , go to sleep and when you get up, everything will be alright. After that, I became more stronger, and I took the exam with the flying color.
    I love A to the moon and back, Time flies, we are all together and help each other to come through all the difficulties of life.

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