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Diệu Task 2

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    Some people believe that living in big cities is becoming more difficult. Others believe that it is getting easier. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?
    Many people feel that the life in urban cities has become harder recently, while other individuals are more optimistic that it is getting easier instead. Although there are numerous drawbacks, the life in a large metropolis is consider to become easier.
    On the one hand, there are some aspects of city life are making life more difficult for people who live there. Firstly, the cost of living in an urban area is much higher than it is in a small town, village. Inhabitants of big cities must to pay higher prices for housing, public transport fares, even food compared with people in rural areas. Students as well as people on low incomes suffers from genuine hardship and are barely able to make ends meet. Secondly, residents in urban areas have to suffer from social problems such as high crime, traffic jams, air pollution. For example, a deterioration in air quality and noise pollution might affect harmfully on public health.
    On the other hand, I agree with those who argue that the life in cities is becoming easier. The infrastructure in metropolises is much better compared with small towns. Therefore, city-dwellers have more opportunities to approach to modern medical services or education systems which do not have in rural areas. Another key factor to consider is that various companies, universities and entertainment parks located in cities, as well as the many recreational events, festivals, sport competitions also held there. With diverse entertainments make those who live there have a vast number of choices to unwind.
    In conclusion, I believe that the life in big cities is getting pleasanter, despite the problems.

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