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    Some people think the government funding should not be used for supporting art and culture, others think supporting cultural activities may be beneficial for the population and the culture. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    In modern day life, some people seem to pay more attention to the material values, which cause them to claim the government funding spent on art activities is meaningless while others find art and culture beneficial to people’s moral sides. Although sometimes cultural and artistic activities seems to be meaningless, I believe that they always bring advantages which most people are unable to realize.

    On the one hand, in under-developed and developing countries, it is clear that government funding should be used more to help people’s life by soluting issues increasing in the society such as unemployment, illiterate, famine, etc. Moreover, many people in those countries would have lack of time and education that they are unable to perceive the beauty of art. In addition, getting busy with their jobs, people don’t really have awareness of cultural diversity, therefore developing activities related to culture make no sense to them.

    On the other hand, in the age of global assimilation, the art and culture can make a country outstanding the others and create its own mark on human’s civilization. Furthermore, developing the artistic activities helps people explore their own talents and have chances to break their limits. People can always spend time surveying paintings at the galleries and find more about themselves through the pictures or they can touch their own hearts by listening to music as artistic activities are able to relieve stress more than any other activities.

    In conclusion, while cultural activities are meaningless to many people, it actually benefits more than what people expect. I believe that the government funding should be used carefully and effectively to support not only people’s material life, but also their spiritual life.

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