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    Some people believe that living in big cities is becoming more difficult. Others believe that it is getting easier. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

    In modern countries, more and more people are migrating to cities to live and get a good job. So, some people think that it is more difficult to live in large urban while I believe that the city life becomes easier to have wonderful life
    For several reasons, some people support the view that it has more troubles in cities life. The cost of living could be higher than in smaller towns because of the law of supply and demand, citizens would have to pay higher prices for products which are used by many people such as transports, household bills, food services, school fees. Therefore, citizens who have average income would have to work hard and save money for their children, they would not enough time and money to enjoy their life. The increasing population in urban areas might cause many problems threat to society and environment. For example, there are large workforces in city that lead to unemployed because they would have to compete with many others in labor market and to have a huge quantity of wastes are released from motor street vehicles, families and factories, leading to air and water pollution that could seriously influence on people’s healthy.
    In the other hand, I complete believe that living in large cities can makes more chances. Firstly, student’s city could be easily approaching modern and qualified education with developing technologies and many international schools which could help students improve foreign language. Secondly, resident urban areas may have a variety of entertainment options to choose such as cinema, mall center, shopping, large parks that could make they feel comfortable and relaxed. Finally, infrastructure and transportation could be more invested by government such as bus, train that may help everyone easily go to work or school.
    In conclusion, although the city life could be not easy and face to many problems, personally people could have more opportunities to get good life.

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