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    Discussion essay
    Topic 135:
    Some people think that younger people are not suitable for important positions in governments of countries. Other people argue that younger people have new ideas in these positions. Discuss both view and give your opinion?
    People have different views in relation to the question of whether or not youngsters should act as governmental officials. Some think that they are not appropriate with such positions. Others, however, assert that young adults deserve to be offered seats in governments thanks to their innovation. From my perspective, young people should be given more chances to perform in these positions. The essay below will discuss both sides and provide my own position.

    One the one hand, there a numerous reasons explaining why youngsters should have governmental posts. Initially, young people are always freshmen in the field of politics, meaning that they lack of practical experience. The political and economic world is full of challenges and difficulties which need hands on experience to deal with. In the event of an economic or political crisis, these youngsters are not mature enough to help an economy or regime to go through its depression. What’s more, young politicians are considered to be impatient when confronting an issue. They tend to bring a problem to a conclusion without taking it into a circumspect consideration, and it is obvious that a wrong decision would lead to tragic consequences for a nation.
    On the other hand, I would argue that young people should be given opportunities in governments. By way of illustration, youngsters are well-educated, more up-to-date with new trends and have innovative ideas thanks to development of the human race in the last few decades. Meanwhile, elderly politicians are rather controversy and afraid of new changes and updates, and to some extent this would constrain the development of a society. Vietnam stands out as a compelling epitome in this regard. The country has made a breakthrough by offering the young a range of important positions in numerous ministries with the hope that they would have more opportunities to maximize their ability. The improvement has effectively resulted in more positive drastic changes in its economic growth recently, which is far better than the previous period when the employment of the young in governmental offices had not been implemented.
    In conclusion, while there are convincing arguments on both sides of the debate, a sole use of elderly politicians in governments would surely be not an optimal choice. I fully support the idea of offering more chances to the young to make great strides in the development of a country.

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