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Eat food from other region

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    People like to eat a widely variety of food in other regions. As a result, it makes people eat more other regions food than the local one. Do you think the advantages of the development outweigh?

    Some people nowadays prefer food originated from other areas rather than that from there hometowns. While I accept that this trend can sometimes have positive consequences, I believe that they are predominantly to have harmful impacts.
    On the one hand, this tendency benefits both individuals and society in different aspects. Firstly, the pleasures of residents when they are able to experience a plenty of tastes. Familiar recipes as well as repetitions of local cooking materials cause tedious feelings. Therefore, the appearances of international restaurants and food stores with strange styles add more choices for daily meals. Moreover, these cuisines not only help to meet customers’ demands but also be a way to attract tourists coming there. In fact, the collecting of different cuisines in one place may keep tourists stay there longer to attempt instead of reaching to further places.
    However, I would argue that these advantages are outweighed by some disadvantages. Initially, the local stores’ owners who witness the wealth of unfamiliar shops can certainly feel enviable and it results in the imitation to chase market’s demands. They tend to merge into new cuisine and therefore the disappearances of signature local food are inevitable. In terms of individuals, how they can introduce their unique food to friend throughout the world without trying them previously. Obviously, the regional cuisine is a substantial part of inhabitants’ identity which talks so much about their own history and culture. In addition, the lack of experiences with traditional food may makes them refuse rather than be proud of when they asked about this field.
    In conclusion, it seems to me that the detrimental aspects of the tendency described above are more significant then the positive benefits because of its further effects on regional culture.

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