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educate children of different abilities

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    Some people think educate children of different abilities together will benefit them. Others think intelligent children should be taught separately and give special course. Discuss

    Allocating children to different classes according to their intelligence and abilities is the matter of controversy. While some people think that this division can quicken children’s learning process, others claim that the sense of contempt can early creep in talented children’s mind. In this essay, I will elaborate both sides of the phenomenon.

    It is irrefutable that this policy can pose some benefits. Firstly, children are prone to make a greater academic progression. By learning in the class with those who are similar in knowledge, children feel confident to give their own opinion without fearing inferiority from smarter friends, followed by their deep involvement in the lessons and academic betterment. Secondly, teachers can effortlessly adjust their lectures to adapt the majority of students in class. For example, with advanced class, more tough exercises will probably be assigned while the lower ones, more explanations can be delivered. As a result, learners feel more understandable and satisfied.

    However, some drawbacks can be exposed. To begin with, students who are classified as gifted ones may breed arrogances and ignorance, which can lessen their success in the future. Because of feeling superiority over others, some minor failures in their lives can deteriorate their willingness and determination to reach the zenith of their careers. For example, in spite of remaining young, my talented younger sister already loses direction and belief after her applications were refused by some local companies. In addition, because of less connectivity with those from different levels, their social knowledge and social skill are limited, leading to the less adaptation to working environments.

    In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of division in accordance of their aptitude should be taken into consideration before popularizing this method.

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