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    Opinions are devided that whether parents or schools have been responsible for educating children to become good citizens . In my opinion, I believe that both parents and schools have the equally important roles in nurturing and teaching young people.
    On the one hand, educating from parents plays an extremely crucial in development of children because of some reasons which are related to love and responsibilities. With regard to love, parents who the ones love children most. Therefore, they are willing to do eveything for helping their children to have a brilliant future with a good job and happy family. As far as responsibility is concerned, educating children to become a good person is absolutely the parents’ greatest responsibility. It is responsible for not only their own families but also society. It is sure that parents would never want their children to become criminals or thieves. If this happened, their children would become a burden of society and parents could be greatest offenders because they could not teach their children well.
    On the other hand, schools would also significantly contribute to the maturity of young people. Fristly, schools provide children with official knowledge. Therefore, cirriculum that schools offer students would be really vital. If schools supplied children with wrong knowledge, this could lead to serious results of degradation of next generations. Secondly, schools have been the place that children can expand their relationship. They can hang out more friends and learn from them. Throughout activities in schools, children can gain lots of solf skills such as communicating to other peers, team work and time management. In brief, schools can provide young people a practical environment that involved in learning, challenging and competition.
    In conclusion, in my opinion, education may be the most difficult duties that need a cooperation between parents and schools. They have equal roles in helping young generations to become good citizens that are useful for community.

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