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    Topic: Nowadays, full-time university students tend to focus on thier studying. Some people think it is essential for university students to be involved in other activities. To what do you agree or disagree.
    It is true that whether or not higher education can provide students with qualities that can lead to success. while I accept that studying full-time at universities is useful, I believe students should also concentrate on extra-curriculums.
    On the one hand, I agree that young people should pay all their attention to study in academic institutions if they want to be successful. Because, higher-education curriculum is really heavy and complex, so students are forced to put their studying in top priority. If they want to acquire basic knowledge and enhance their understanding of the subject.If they do not have great efforts on learning, they seem to be really easy for them to fall behind with studies which could make them fell studying is so unattractive and leads them to drop out of college. For example, students studying in Vietnam, especially freshman have to deal with a great number of assignments and exams so they lack of time to attend real-life activities.
    On the other hand, individuals cannot become successful with only academic knowledge. They need do broaden their knowledge and skills in the real working environment. in spite of having a good grasp of theories throughout learning from universities, but in actual woking environment, it could be very different from what they had learned at schools. For example, many students graduate with excellent results, but they cannot have a job due to lack of experience. Thus, if they want to get a satisfing job in the future, apart from studying at school, they will have to experience a job in parallel so as to improve their interpersonal skills.
    In conclusion, focusing on the academic study is important for university students. However, at the same time, the importance of extra-curricular activities cannot be neglected. Thus, students should balance time for their studying and work

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