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Environmental degradation- 14/1 thi

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    Tran Huyen

    [09:13:36, 12/1/2017] Cám ơn các bạn!

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    I already uploaded the fixed file but it cannot be shown because of some security reasons. Thus I’ve already made contact with the staff and she said that she would send the file to your email. Please check your email inbox, and if you still have any confusions after reading the file, please feel free to leave comments here. Thank you for trusting and using our service.
    By the way, I will still upload the file here to change the status into “Da chua bai” whenever I can fix the problem.

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    Tks ban so much and ready for test tomorrow morning. Will inform you result as soon as I have it.
    Let’s me know if u are in hcm, i can buy you coffee then

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    Gook luck with the upcoming test! I’m so glad that I can help you to improve your skills to prepare for the real test. Also looking forward to hearing good result from you.

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