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environmental problems

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    Solving environmental problems should be the responsibility of international organization rather than each national government. Do you agree or disagree?

    Giving solutions to environmental problems such as air pollution or global warming has become the most concerning matter for all mankind. Some people think that this task needs to be carried out by international organization rather than individual government. In my opinion, I would disagree that such responsibility belongs mostly to international organization.
    To begin with, environmental problems do require global solutions from international corporation. For the best results, the international organization have to research and provide general instructions to deal with the current issues of the environment. With these guidelines, nations can then follow one direction to create practical solutions that suit their conditions. For example, Vietnamese Congress has run campaigns to grow more trees in the main cities based on the guidance from W.H.O which greatly degrades the amount of exhausted fumes in the air. Therefore, international organization takes an important role as an instructor for all government.
    On the other hand, individual country has its own duty to put global guidelines into actions. Firstly, international corporation does not have the authorities to directly run campaigns in a particular nation. Thus, these jobs will be passed down a level to each nation government to carry out. Secondly, every country has an environmental protection fund which is sponsored by its citizens and companies. Therefore, preventing pollutions and other issues is the job of the government to put this fund into use.
    In conclusion, I believe that solving environmental problems is the fundamental responsibility of not only international organization but also each national government.

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