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    Topic: It is difficult for people living in cities today get enough physical exercise. Why is this case and how to solve.
    In recent years, the evolving sedentary lifestyle among citizens has become an increasingly widespread concern. There are a number of reasons behind and several solutions should be taken from both individuals and the government to solve this problem.
    There are two main factors that lead to the difficulty in taking regular exercise of people living in cities today. First of all, the lack of public areas such as parks where people can do light exercise like jogging, walking because of the replacement of skysrapers and industrial zones. Therefore, even having free time, people can not have facilities to train their bodies. The next reason of this problem is that overloaded schedule. Nowadays many employees especially the young ones, who make the most of their time for earning a living. Because of money pressure, people may trade their health for their careers.
    There are several actions that could take to solve the problem described above. Firstly, the government should organize health awareness campaigns to help citizens have a better lifestyle to improve their health. Secondly, the authorities should invest more in public projects such as parks and free sports clubs. Besides that, people need to take responsibility for their health. Adopting a fitness regime is a easy and effective way to look after their own health.
    In conclusion, while there are a lot of reasons lead to the sedentary lifestyle, various measures can be taken to tackle the problem.

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