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    TOPIC : Convenience food will become increasing prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional method of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?
    Tertiary processed food has been a part of modern consuming culture as it has become internationally recognized product. Therefore, it is said that its popularity will eventually wipe out traditional one along with its long-established cooking method. However, from my standpoint, this assumption cannot hold water.
    Firstly, there is a common belief that convenience food is better than traditional one because it offers a combination of convenient traits. People also argue that in order to keep up with the fast-paced society, it is their only option to perceived the necessity of processed food as they require no further time to prepare and can be served within minutes. However, such arguments is inconclusive since processed foods have been strongly criticised due to concerns about their nutritional content. Excessive amount of harmful substances are being added to the food which will gradually cause many serious health issues , for example, strokes, heath disease or even cancer . By contrast, traditional food remains as an important source of nutrients because they are made by healthy tradition cooking method. As a result, people in modern world who wish to have healthier lives will balance their diet by cutting back various types of junk food and replacing with home-made ones.
    Another reason why traditional cuisine will not disappear is because they represent the identity of national culture. The distinctive flavour in every home-cooked meal is the result of time-honoured cooking method, which has long been handed down as precious legacy through generations. Indeed, continuing to make traditional food from their home country not only is a symbol of pride for their ethnicity but also is a way to preserve their culture when they move to new places. When it comes to experience local cuisine, nobody would want to lay their fingers on convenience food which has been chemically designated.
    In conclusion, I think tertiary processed food are only famous for its short-term benefit and hence could not replace traditional cuisine. As the world becomes globalized, traditional foods and cooking methods will always remain as a vital part of cultural beauty and healthy lifestyle.

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