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foreign visitors should pay more than local

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    Tourism is an indispensable part of the countries development.Some people think that the charge of international tourist should be more than domestic visitor. But I believe that the countries could get a number of negative effects on tourism according to this process.
    On the one hand, I guess that there are many reasons why people think local residents have to pay less than external tourists. To be honest, it might seem logical to charge overseas visitors to enter the cultural and historical attractions because they were built by the own-states through the tax of local residents. As a result, people think they had paid an amount of money for their countries to establish the historical monuments to attract tourists and surely they are free for entrance gate. What is more, if it is impossible to go sight-seeing in their own custom infrastructure with a discount ticket, poor people will find it difficult for them to approach and broden their knowledge about the ancient culture because of the expensive.
    On the other hand, I believe that it is a narrow view of local people. In fact, if foreign tourists are impressive with the countries services and tourism process, we could earn more income through their spend. Whereas in contrast, if they are costed more than local residents, they would think that there is a discrimination. The result of this is that they will be dissatifify which in turn leads to making bad feedback to relatives in their own coutries. Especially, many shrines and monuments are maintained by the tickets it collect. So it is really difficult for the govermants if the tourists decrease.
    In conclusion, I believe that having an equal entrance fee is better than giving local residents the discount tiket.

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    please kindly check my notes here and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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