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Free tertiary education

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    Practice 23: Some people think that everyone has the right to have access to university education, and that government should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.
    It is often argued that tertiary education should be available to all and be provided free by the government. While I believe that free university entry might be beneficial for the growth of the nation, the government should only give this priority to these smart and studious students, not for all.
    On the one hand, there are numerous reasons why governments should assist students in covering their tuition fees. First, having free tertiary education will encourage more students to attend universities, which will result in a well- educated society and productive workforce. Japan is also a concrete proof when they consider education as the key factor to develop their country. In addition, there is the issue of equality of opportunity. If all students are required to pay, those on a middle-class families are not likely to secure financial support during their college years, leading to lose a chance to pursuit their dreams. Therefore, it should be fair for all with a view at deepening their horizon in the life.
    On the other hand, the government should not make it free for all students. The first reason can be some students will easily lose focus and motivation in studying when they even do not have the concept of tuition fees or scholarship in their mind. Furthermore, although education is among key factors of the growth of the country, other sectors have an equal role to play. As a result, instead of sponsoring free higher education for all rich and poor learners, I think it would be better to provide more support to the studious and determined students, the rest of the budget should be allocated to health care, public facilities and so forth.
    In conclusion, the government should take their own country’s situation and the effectiveness of the policy to students into consideration before coming into effect.
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    Here is your corrected essay! Cheers!

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    Chào b! B cho mình hỏi tại sao sau ” It comes to …” sao lại chia Ving b?

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    À mình nhầm. Trong bài này thì là To lead to…. sao sau đấy lại chia Ving bạn?

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      Chào bạn. Trong câu đó, theo mình hiểu là “lead to the loss of….” là dẫn đến một sự việc gì đó. Vì bthg lead to sẽ dùng Noun luôn, mà Ving cũng được coi là 1 Noun (Gerund, Danh Động từ), nên 1 là bạn dùng Ving/ 2 là dùng Noun của động từ đó, trong trường hợp này, dựa vào nghĩa ko thể dùng 2 động từ liên tiếp nhau nối với nhau bằng “to” như bạn dùng đc.

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