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    Write a paragraph answering whether you want to work for the same job for the whole of your life.

    As an undergraduate, future career is my biggest concern now. And for me, it does matter that if my future job will be related to my current major in university or not which mean I don’t want to work in variety of fields. There are two main reasons for my though.
    First of all, job satisfaction is one of my biggest concerns. I am majoring foreign trade now because this is what I truly want to do. If I have to change my job to another field not because my change of heart but because the external components, this will pose a threat to my daily happiness. I will live with my job for the entire of my life for maybe 8 or more hours per day. Life is too short to be waist with unpleasant feeling.
    The second one is that it is not easy for anyone to jump to a strange position while you haven’t have much knowledge about this new one. It take several time for people to mastering new skills to fit new job requirements. I have already spent 2 years acquired knowledge about doing business with foreign people. And of course I will have to spend 2 more years in the university before ready to work. Not only taking time, but also costly. And the interval of changing job can be your tough time since you have to live with no wage or spend the whole day to working and learning to pass your next interview. Citing marketing and accountant for example. A marketer practically is inadequate to deal with cost, expenditure, balance sheet or other accountant things. So that the reason when he jump to accountant field, he need to spend his time and money to prepare first.
    In conclusion, moving from job to job which are separated is not easy. But any way, life is unpredictable, so if that come to me, I have to deal with it. Of course I never wish that to happen.

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