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Friends from different ages

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    minh viet

    Some people spend their free time with people of the same age while others
    find it better to spend time with people from all age groups. Discuss both
    these views and give your own opinion

    While some people prefer befriending to those who are from their
    generation, others have the propensity to spend time with people of
    different ages. In my opinion, I believe the benefits of the latter would
    eclipse those of the former.

    It is understandable that most people enjoy spending free time with people
    of the same age. First, friends from the same generation share the same
    interests and hobbies, which brings about more opportunities for them to
    interact with each other. For example, in Vietnam, many students in high
    school listen to Korean pop music while it is less popular for those in
    their twenties. Second, these people hold similar perspective towards life.
    As a result, there is more empathy and understanding among such people. For
    instance, parents often do not hold the same view towards love and choice
    of career with their teenage children.

    However, I would side with those who are favourable for making friends from
    all groups of age. To begin with, the elderly has much more life
    experience. Although everyone should not follow orders from anyone, it is
    recommended that young people should carefully consider their advice.
    Moreover, spending time with younger ones help catch up with the new trends
    as these people are more sensitive to new ideas and concepts such as new
    genre of music and fashion. Finally, having friends from all ages could
    lead to more thorough insights and well-rounded perspective of life.

    In conclusion, spending free time with people of the same age or of
    different age groups has its own benefits. However, I think the time spent
    with people from different ages is more precious and beneficial

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    [17:53:29, 4/2/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!

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