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    Many parents allow their children to play games on computers and other electronic devices because it helps to develop their technical skills. Do you think the advantages of this approach outweigh the disadvantages?

    Nowadays, children are encouraged to play games and various electronic devices due to their parents’ thought that it can help to improve their technical skills. While it is true that encountering technology may benefit children in some aspects, I believe that it brings more harm than good.
    On the one hand, technical skills play an vital role in modern world because technology is becoming more and more important to a country’s development. Rapid technological speech of a nation creates a variety of high-paying jobs which demand people to have technical skills. Therefore, encountering technical products in the early stages of life helps people to elevate their technical skills and be more sensitive to technological development tendency of the world, which makes them become a potential workforce in the future. Moreover, people who have fluent technical skills gain more advantages than those who do not when they apply for a job vacancy.
    On the other hand, I believe that allowing kids to play games and electronic devices brings them many negative influences. Firstly, playing too much online games causes game addiction in children and teenagers, which leads to academic decline and puts more pressure on family. Secondly, without parents’ supevision, children may access to bad websites by accident, which causes seriously adverse impacts on their ways of living. For example, if a child access to a website containing violent contents, he may say bad words and have some behaviors related to violence in class. Finally, denpending on technological products does not give children any chances to take part in outdoor activities and make friends. As a result, they may lack many social skills which are more important than technical skills, such as communicate skills and team work skills.
    In conclusion, it seems to me that children can take more benefits thanks to outdoor activities than just technical skills through games and technological devices.

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    Please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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