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    Due to effects of globalization, the cultures of some countries are influenced by others. Some people think this is a natural process. Others think this is a threat to cultural identity. What is your opinion about this?

    It is a fact that the culture of some nations might lead several impacts on others. While it may be partly true that culture changes due to globalization is an unavoidable process, I personally believe that this trend also have numerous drawbacks.

    On the one hand, there are two main reasons why individuals argue that effects on cultural aspect in modern age. First of all, cultural exchanges among different countries offer a great number of chances for people to learn a wealth knowledge about live in other countries. Take Japan as an example, by spreading Japanese culture through economic cooperation, majority Vietnamese deeply understand about discipline and determination of Japanese people in both their life and work. Secondly, cultural ties among states is the best way for people in a country to update and utilize worldwide entertainment trends. Indeed, fashion suppliers in Vietnam can quickly introduce new products and make profit right after similar items were wear by Korean pop start in film being aired in Vietnam.

    On the other hand, despite positive arguments above, I agree with individuals who believe that a country’s culture might be adversely affected by others. The first reason is that overdependence on other country’s culture can make a nation lose their own traditional customs. For instance, some Asia nations have no longer celebrate their lunar new year holiday because of influence of westernization in economic development. Secondly, it is evident that variety of foreign culture activities might be not always suitable when being applied in another country. Therefore, if several foreign trends such as free-kiss are practiced in tradition-driven nations, it might be considered as not only unacceptable actions from traditional perspective but also a violation of law.

    In conclusion, although people argue that adopting impacts from other countries’ culture is a necessary approach, I hold the view that it is crucial for a nation to maintain their own cultural identity.

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