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    Some people think the main benefit of greater international cooperation is in the protection of environment while others think it is in the world of business.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Given the prevalence of global collaboration, the chief motive for this policy is believed to be bolstering the economic force whilst environmental preservation can also make sense. Since both sides seem to have a parallel share of veracity, in the course of this essay I will firstly elucidate these ideas before presenting my viewpoint.
    It is worth noticing that worldwide cooperation is crucial to the sustainability of the environment. This is because there are mounting menaces to mankind’s surroundings which necessitate a unanimous view from every country to tackle. Take global warming as a salient example. As the astonishing burst of carbon dioxide from manufacturers all over the world has generated this consequence, those people must join forces in order to curb the proliferation of over-emission for the Earth’s sake. Should nations conform to a communal agreement namely the Kyoto one on environment-related issues, such problems will be reduced to the minimum and thereby uprooted in the long run.
    On the other hand, the international trade has witnessed a hefty growth thanks to the contributions from both developed countries and their Third World counterparts. To illustrate, the market expansion of giant companies to developing areas do great wonders to not only their fiscal strength but also the income level of local people. Specifically, foreign brands such as Apple, Samsung and so on have endeavored to open branches in countries like China and Vietnam with large workforce, thus boosting their profit margins and providing employment to the native residents. Moreover, these days, traditional products from developing nations are also offered opportunities to drum up business on a global scale, which surges their hope to stay on equal footing with the superpowers on the economic development ladder.
    In conclusion, the incursion of globalization prompts tremendous advantages to natural habitat conservation and commercial activities yet personally the latter overshadows.
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