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    The spread of multinational companies and resulting increase of globalization produces positive effect for everyone. To what extend do you agree or disagree?
    It is true that globalization can bring benefits to many countries, which boosts economic growth in developing nations. Some people believe that the impacts that multinational cooperations have on a nation are perfectly advantageous. Personally, I think there still have some drawbacks that we need to consider.
    To begin with, the increasing of multinational companies would be beneficial in term of employment and developing economy. With regard to the employment, many multinational companies which have a plenty of branches in many parts of the world can provide people with jobs as well as decrease the unemployment rate. This can help utilize thoroughly workforce in some developing countries. As far as economic growth is concerned, it is obvious that international business can help many poor nations to push their economy. Indeed, a great number of domestic products will be traded to global market as well as imported goods will also be introduced to local residents. Therefore, consumers will be given a wide range of product choices than in the past.
    However, there has been an increasing concern about losing national identities when globalization has become a tendency of the society. This worry is reasonable because with the era of the internet, it is not restricted to access other countries’ cultures. When globalization becomes a popular trend, we can eat the same food, listen to the same music, watch the same television programs, wear the same clothes and even speak the same language which makes people be the same with others.
    In brief, international trade resulting in globalization has impelled progress of many aspects. Nevertheless, we need to take its drawbacks seriously to prevent detrimental effects.

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