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    Topic: Even though globalization affects the world’s economics in a very
    positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

    It cannot deny that globalizations brings many benefits to the world. However, it
    still has some drawbacks we need to consider.
    We have acknowledged that globalization is an open door for trading between
    nations to nations. People have more chances to either import or export their
    products internationally. Moreover, through globalization, people are able to
    present their hometowns and heritages to over the world. Besides, competition,
    which is between local and overseas traders, creates many advantages to
    Nevertheless, this competition affects negatively to local sellers and even
    national economy in general if their items are not in favor of consumers. It is
    just one of some globalized drawbacks. People from every country have had
    their own different lifestyle and presentation. But thanks to globalization, at the
    moment, they start to wear similar clothes or eat similar food. The local unique
    cultures have been faded away in the passage of time.
    In short, everything has two sides and globalization is not an exception.
    However, importantly, each country and each person should balance those
    pros and cons to gain more advantages from globalization

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