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    It is better for college students to live in schools than live at home with their parents. Do you agree or disagree?


    The topic center on whether living in university dormitories or stay at home with their parent bring more benefits has come up an open-ended question amongst young adults for centuries. Some advocate that staying with parents brings more convenience for youngsters, my point is that plus points of living in a proximity with studying places are more plentiful.

    It is irrefutable that there are some plus points when it comes to living with parents. The first advantage is that this can help students save a great deal of money. In fact, all available household appliances including washing machines, cookers and dishwashers can be necessary for students to avoid manual work. Without the availability of these useful facilities, these living alone would be likely to hire or purchase new ones on their own, thereby increasing their daily expenditures. Another benefit is that with a network of friends and parental support in their hometown, many youngsters would find themselves being able to obtain part time jobs to gain real working experiences. This is because without previous working experiences, references and promotion from acquaintances and relatives can be advantageous for these young job seekers.

    However, it is my contend that choosing to stay in university dormitories brings about more benefits. The first merit is that when staying far from parents, many young people have tendency to learn how to live independently as a real mature adult. In fact, without parental assistance, these young adults must do everything including doing household chores and managing time schedules to balance between these work and study. Obviously, this can help them gain more confidence in themselves, thereby be more well-prepared in their later life when their parents pass away. Besides obtaining more life experiences, staying close to schools makes it possible for students to make the grade at school. Students who major in engineering, for instance, find it extremely convenient to live in campus since they can access library resources and spend more time on conducting experiments in their department laboratories. This is the fact that the more time, they spend on study and practicing, the better they can perform at classes.

    In conclusion, despites minor merits of living with their parents when young adults study in tertiary education, I am of the opinion that regarding long-term benefits, they should live separately from their family so as to become more mature and have better study results.

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