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Information Technology

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    In the last 20 years there have been significant developments in the field of information technology (IT), for example the World Wide Web and communication by email. However, these developments in IT are likely to have more negative effects than positive in the future. To what extent do you agree with this view?
    Information technology especially World Wide Web and communication by email has been growing rapidly over the last two decades. While such development is very beneficial to us, it still gets some drawbacks. I believe that its advantages will completely outweigh its disadvantages.
    On the one hand, information technology brings about good impacts on our lives. Firstly, it makes our lives more comfortable and convenient. For example: we stay connected with our friends and families and get updated of them no matter how far we are through the internet and the smart application software. Secondly, advanced information technology offers cost saving and high productiveness to us in terms of working efficiency. To illustrate this, we can use email to telecommute which facilitates our initiative in either doing our work or personal tasks at home without wasting time to commute to the workplace. Thirdly, people can greatly benefit from such advanced technology. Let use of online study as a good example for this. People of all ages can study online such as studying English online or online post education that allows people study at all time and at everywhere on this Earth provided that they have internet connection and email to receive instructions.
    Nevertheless, the tremendous growth in the information technology still has some drawbacks. For one thing, people grow isolated with each other and live more in the virtual world rather than a real one. For instance: people especially the youth spend a lot of time on surfing the internet and facebook instead of taking to their families members or hanging out with their friends. Children use more time in watching cabled channels than participating in outdoor activities that leads to obesity and less critical thinking. Next, what shown on the internet are not strictly supervised its truthfulness and people get affected by such one-side information or ideas. Besides, some people become victims because of the development of internet and social media when they are cheated or their children are kidnapped because the bad guys saw their photos and information shown on their facebook for instagram. However, I strongly believe that with the great achievement, successes and numerous benefits that information technology brings to our lives, the negative impacts are still minor.
    In conclusion, while information technology can have some bad impacts, we cannot deny its great benefits to make our lives more comfortable, convenient and successful.

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